November 10, 2012

Blog Time.

Well well well. Look what we have here!

I know I'm a little late getting into this whole blogging business (as I usually am with all internet fads), but after speaking with my supervisor Joe and my friend Paula about the benefits of having a blog, I decided I'd try my hand at blogging.

I mean, there's no harm in starting my own blog space, right?

... Except for the fact that I now have ANOTHER means of procrastination! Which really COULD do some serious harm, as I don't have the biggest attention span AND I tend to wander off into my thoughts sometimes ...

Nonetheless, I'll try to update my blog as often as I can. So if you're interested in circadian rhythms, neuroscience or science in general (c'mon, who doesn't like science!), follow me as I blog through my 22nd year of life as an MSc2 student!


My Sunshine

Ps. Here is a picture of the love of my life. Just thought I'd share him with the world, and give everyone  a bit of Sunshine on this gorgeous fall day!