November 11, 2013

The Connection Between Blogging and Grad School

I came across this neat little article today written by a fellow York University graduate student on the connection between blogging and grad school. Reading the article triggered some mixed feelings: envy towards the opportunities the writer has been presented with (1G5G!), slight panic towards my personal graduate student career, but most importantly, the urge to blog again. Though updating my blog had crossed my mind several times during my impromptu hiatus, I always found an excuse to not sit down and write. Turns out, all I needed was a good reason to return to blogging - and here, my friends, is said reason, and the reason that the post you're reading exists!

On the YU Blog: The connection between blogging and grad school.

Also mentioned in this blurb is Maria Konnikova's Scientific American article, Why Grad Schools Should Require Students to Blog - it's a great read for students and PI's alike. Hopefully it will give you as much motivation as it did to me to either start your own blog, return to blogging, or simply continue down the blogging path you're already on!